Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Practice on Gran Canaria

Osteopathy on Gran Canaria

The three pillars of osteopathy

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to the body and internal system. It is based on three pillars which have great influence on the whole body. Osteopathy is the stimulation of the body´s natural self-healing mechanisms by activating, regenerating and detoxifying the body's self-regulating powers. Osteopathy sees itself as a science, an art and a philosophy. The study goes over 5 years, and is never finished...

Parietal Osteopathy


Parietal Osteopathy treats the bones and muscular structure (bones, muscles, fascia and joints).

For example, if you feel pain in your ankle, you automatically change your posture, so you don´t feel more pain in your ankle. But this may affect the posture of the pelvis and it will also continue to affect other parts of the body. Another example would be that a person grinds their teeth for suffering too much stress, which can also arise from twisting the pelvis. Normally, when the problem is resolved and the stress is over, the body would be able to solve this problem on its own but, unfortunately, the brain is able to adjust to new and bad movements, which leads to permanent poor posture. After many years this can become a chronic problem.

In osteopathy we have learned to get to the root of the problem and thus help the body to self-regulate and / or heal.

Visceral Osteopathy


Visceral Osteopathy is used to deal with the internal organs (blood and lympathic supply).

This also includes nutrition: our organs only work well if we feed them correctly. It´s just really complicated to eat well in the current time because we are lied to, betrayed and influenced many times: although a cereal stick may look healthy on its package, it may contain a lot of sugar, or or nuts, which are exposed to radiation for better conservation.

It's the reason why osteopaths are studying living food and what we can really eat.

An inflamed intestine pulls its associated nerves from the spine, so it can cause back pain. In this case, just treating back pain would not help much, since the symptoms are treated and not the real cause.

Cranial Osteopathy


It focuses on treating everything related to the brain, skull, central nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid, spinal column, sacrum and spine.

These structures and fluids have important effects on the body and many diseases are due to disorders in this system.