Services and therapies offered

We are proud to offer a wide variety of therapies in our clinic in Maspalomas,        Gran Canaria.

Medical Massage

For pain that results from a restriction of the muscles

Diet & Nutrition

To help with overweight, nausea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, constipation, migraine, allergies etc.

Nutritional Therapy

We can take nutrients and supplements to make our body healthy and strong, use them as anti-aging, for detox or for specific healing cures

Services in detail

We are happy to inform you in detail about our diagnostic and therapeutic offers.


For knee pain, elbow & shoulder pain, lumbago, sciatica, cervical spine, digestive issues, hormonal disorders such as menstrual or menopausal symptoms, depression and mood swings.

Read through the three pillars of Osteopathy.


Chiropractic may help a large range of conditions such as back pain, lumbago, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, less spinal degeneration. Marcel Richter (trained in American Chiropactic) comes to the practice twice a week. With him, even tall and heavy patients feel themselves to be in good hands.


Bioscan collects information from a patient´s body using an electrode and measures more than 250 parameteres in about 1 minute.

More info on Bioscan


Physiotherapy can be helpful with a wide range of health conditions such as bones and joints, brain and nervous system (MS, Parkinson´s disease, hemiplegia) and other disorders where balance and coordination should be trained.

Did you have an injury but already booked your vacation? This is when you can combine your vacation on Gran Canaria and follow physiotherapy without any interruptions (for example Brügger / Bobath)