Osteopathy and Physiotherapy Practice on Gran Canaria

Therapist of the Gran Canaria Osteopathy and Chirocpractice Consultation


Our consultation practice consists of two highly-trained therapists who work with their hands and their heart. We not only treat your obvious symptoms, but we treat you as a whole. Both specialists are characterized by outstanding skills in their own treatment areas so you can really trust us.

Claudia Hartwig - Osteopathin, Physiotherpeutin und Heilpraktikerin

Claudia Hartwig

14 years of experience in the hospital in the areas of orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine and intensive medicine.

Working since 2005 in my own clinic in Berlin, first part-time, then in 2010 full-time, which I gave up with a heavy heart, when in 2014 the opportunity came to move to Gran Canaria / Maspalomas and with it to fulfill a lifelong dream. In 2015 I opened my new consultation in Maspalomas / Gran Canaria.

Education & Experience

MSc in Physiotherapy

Diploma as a Brügger therapist

1997 - 1998
modern Orthopaedic

2005 - 2012
5 years of studies in Osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy ( IAO )

seit 2007
Qualified Naturopath specializing in Osteopathy, Detoxification and the Regeneration of the nervous system

seit 2009
Yoga teacher at Sun Yoga ( Bikram & Vinyassa )

Marcel Richter Chiropraktiker

Marcel Richter

Educated in American Chiropractic at the Association of German Chiropractors at the naturopathy school Schwarz in Berlin and especially qualified in:

  • SOT Sacro Occipital Technic
  • Thompson Drop Point
  • Activator/Integrator
  • Cervical Non Force Technics
  • MOT manual Organ Therapy
  • Craniosacral therapy
Education & Experience

1988 - 1990
Educated as a medical masseur and lifeguard
at Krankengymnastik Schule Teidel Berlin

Advanced education as a Sports Physiotherapist
at the Practice for Physiotherapy Wiegand Berlin

1996 - 1999
Trained in american chiropractic at the BDC (Association of german Chiropractors) at the naturopathy school Klaus-Jürgen Schwarz, Berlin